The South Island FarmHub is pleased to offer two produce boxes, curated with the best from the CRD - local, sustainable and fresh produce. Not to mention, it’s delivered right to your doorstep! Now is the time to avoid the grocery store, help shorten the food supply chain, and support Canadian wages. Harvested with care the day before delivery, we work on behalf of our Island farmer friends, providing a commitment to and reliability for their crop planning and growing business, and in turn, supplying fresh and delicious produce to our community.



We offer curated produce boxes starting in the spring that continue into the early winter. This is an important way to support our local farmers and strengthen our local food economy. 


You can order 'a la carte' for full customization, adding other Island made foods to your subscription box to ensure you get all the flavours of the region. These include organic bread, cheese, preserves, salsa, eggs, granola, kombucha, and many more delicious staples.


OUR BOXES (change with the seasons)

Island Harvest Box $35

A delicious box of 6-8 items for smaller households. Contains locally sourced produce from both organic and conventional farms in the CRD.

Organic Island Box $35

A specially curated box of 6-8 organic items, perfect for smaller households. Contains produce sourced only from certified organic farms in the CRD, as recognized by IOPA and PACS. 


Note: there is an added delivery charge of $5


  1. Choose your subscription based on the frequency that suits you best, either weekly or every other week.

  2. Every Thursday we will send an email that the store is open.

  3. Subscription boxes are not customizable but you can add items into your cart to include different food products of our region.

  4. Deadline is Sunday at Midnight for Wednesday/Thursday delivery.

  5. Each week, your box will auto-populate in your cart.

  6. At any time you can put your subscription on hold for holidays. 

  7. We require 7 days notice for subscription cancellations. 


You are required to add your credit card upon registration. The day you receive your delivery, your credit card is charged & we will send the invoice. You can put your box on hold at any time online, or, if you want to cancel within our 7 day minimum, email info@sifarmhub.ca.


  • We deliver to homes every Wednesday & Thursday, with a $5 delivery charge. 

  • You can arrange pick up at our warehouse 808 Viewfield Road, between 10AM-12PM. 

  • Wednesday neighbourhoods we serve: Downtown, Rock Bay, Fernwood, Jubilee, Hillside/Quadra, Oaklands, James Bay, Fairfield, Rockland, Oak Bay, Uplands, Cadboro Bay, Langford, and Colwood.

  • Thursday neighbourhoods we serve: Victoria West, Esquimalt, View Royal, Gorge,  Tillicum, and Burnside. 

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Subscribing to a produce box is a commitment to our farmers and to the FarmHub. When you sign up, our farmers reserve product for you for the season. You can cancel your subscription, allowing 7 days notice. If you forget to cancel or put your box on hold for holidays, your credit card will be charged and we will happily donate your box.

If you opt for pickup you must arrive at our warehouse, 808 Viewfield Road between 10AM-12PM on Wednesday.  We can’t guarantee the quality of the produce outside that time frame. 

We ask all home customers to purchase a one-time $20 Sustainability Fee. By doing so you are helping the FarmHub create a sustainable food system and delivery model in the CRD, allowing us to move away from cardboard boxes and deliver your order in reusable totes. We are happy to offer a refund if you are not satisfied with your first order.


Please reach out if you have any questions, to info@sifarmhub.ca.