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Regional. Seasonal.
Delivered to you.

We have partnered with over 30 local farms & over 25 local food processors.
Here are some of them! 
The FarmHub is proud to represent farmers that grow sustainable, local produce and pay Canadian wages.

Are you a local farmer or producer? Find out more about becoming a supplier for the FarmHub, or contact us at:


 Island Eko Pantry are proudly crafting small-batch healthy Asian ferments and advocating for Asian-inspired food culture in Victoria, BC. Our main products include flavoured miso (Ginger Miso, Leek Miso, Jalapeno Miso), Gochujang, and All-Purpose Gochujang Sauce. We are always in search of collaboration with local farmers to create fresh, sustainable, and healthy foods! We are also committed to zero waste and eco-friendly practice. We use whole foods including seeds and skin and upcycle ingredients we use to make broth for secondary consumption. We refuse to use plastic packaging and accept returned jars from our customers to reuse them.

Northstar Organics.jpg

Northstar Organics grows certified organic fruit and vegetables on our 10-acre farm in Central Saanich. Our food is safe and nutritious; grown without harmful synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We specialize in greenhouse vegetables and year-around greens. Seasonally available from our fields are a wide variety of vegetables such as peas, beans, squash, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, beets and sweet corn. Certified organic and selling exclusively within the capital region district, our farm is committed to sustainably growing food for the people of Greater Victoria.


Since its beginning, Kildara has been farmed organically but it has been certified by the Island Organic Producers Association since 1994 and has grown every year since. It is now the biggest producer of organic salad greens in BC and Brian is a fundamental part of the organic community throughout the province, volunteering his time and knowledge readily and often in his quest to educate people about the value of farming organically. Salad greens are the biggest part of the operation, with over 300,000 servings of salad greens being produced annually, but the farm also produces 40+ varieties of fruits and vegetables, meat chickens, eggs and pork. 

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