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The Glade Farm & Rake and Radish Farm

Interviews with queer and trans farmers Ri (they/them) and Sage (she/they) of The Glade Farm and Ardeo (they/them) of Rake and Radish Farm.

The Glade Farm

The Glade Farm is a transitional organic vegetable farm and part of the Lohbrunner Community Farm Co-operative in Langford. Ri and Sage have been farming at The Glade, formerly Sweet Acres Farm, for the past two years. But as Ri explains, their history with Lohbrunner began much earlier. “I was enrolled in the Horticulture Tech program at Camosun,” they explain. “I did my volunteer practicum and work experience at Lohbrunner, and really enjoyed it.” After completing the program, Ri took on the position of Farm Coordinator at the University of Northern British Columbia, but soon returned to Lohbrunner as a full-time farmhand at Sweet Acres and Vitality Farm (now Oloron Market Garden). Alongside their partner, Sage, they took over Sweet Acres from Ariella in 2021 and transformed it into The Glade.

"I don’t think I know anyone in farming who isn’t an activist.”

For Ri and Sage, running a small farm as part of a co-op is a form of resistance against the constant expansion and environmental destruction demanded by capitalism. “Participating in small-scale agriculture is political in itself,” Ri says, then pauses. “But actually, I don’t think I know anyone in farming who isn’t an activist.” They also love the freedom and support that being part of a farming collective affords them. “A lot of the time, young farmers leasing land can feel like there’s no room for error,” Ri tells me. “At Lohbrunner, there’s room to learn.”

Rake and Radish Farm

Rake and Radish Farm is a half-acre farm growing a bounty of veggies, fruits, and flowers on a plot at the base of PKOLS. This year marks Ardeo’s 4th season on the farm, which they started up right as the world closed down due to COVID-19. Ardeo has always been passionate about farming, pursuing an internship at Singing Bird Farm on Saltspring Island right after they graduated high school. The three-year farmhand job at City’s Edge Farm that followed equipped them with the skills and grit required to transform a hayfield into a successful farm.

Through Rake and Radish, Ardeo aims to show queer youth one path to a fulfilling career in agriculture. “It’s been very gratifying for me to get into farming,” Ardeo says. “It’s rewarding in ways traditional jobs aren’t.”

Reimagining Farming

Although over 30% of Canadian farmers are women and non-men*, many of them queer, the dominant image of a farmer remains that of a cisgender, heterosexual man. Ri and Sage hope that, by being open and unapologetic about their identities, they can make spaces feel safer for other queer and trans farmers. Ardeo shares this goal: “I want to open up people’s minds on who can get into farming,” they say.

Ardeo points out that farming is often not appropriately valued. “We need more young farmers,” they say. “But it’s hard for youth to want to get into farming when it’s so devalued.” Farming is often viewed as unskilled labour, yet like Ardeo says, this is far from the truth. As a farmer, they explain, you’ve got to learn a little bit of everything: not only planting, weeding, and harvesting, but irrigation, construction, bookkeeping, sales, biology, and even some mechanical and electrical skills. “People really don’t know how much is involved [in farming] until they do it themselves.”

Both Ri and Ardeo enthusiastically welcome queer youth who are interested in farming. Ri encourages them to seek out available funding and reach out to members of the community who are tied to food and land access. “I have met so many absolutely incredible people here on the island who have helped keep me going and imparted so much knowledge.”

Ardeo encourages youth to start building connections early by working at a local farm. “My advice would be to find an inclusive farm and get a farm job,” they say. Ardeo points to Young Agrarians and Not Our Farm as good resources for queer youth looking to get into farming. “Jump right in, see if it’s right for you and if you like it. Nothing beats hands-on experience.”

Ri and Sage can be found on Facebook and Instagram @thegladefarm or at

Ardeo can be found on Facebook and Instagram @rakeandradish or at


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