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Shishito Peppers

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Shishito peppers start off green and mature to red. A small pepper, they are typically mild - but once in a while they can hold a surprising flavour! Not too spicy, but just enough.

Colleen suggests a delicious way to enjoy:

Shishitos are best when blistered (which means cover them in olive oil and put them under the broiler until blackened). For a full range of flavours, add your tomatoes, jalapeno, onions and garlic to the pan as well with salt and pepper and a source of spice. Let them get charred and allow some juice to release. After that put them in a food processor or serve as is over roasted patty pans or as a topping to lentils or roasted chicken. Cilantro will shine in this dish if you have a taste for it, or you can use a fresh herb from your garden instead. Corn kernels, (shaved off the cob fresh, or frozen) would be an excellent addition - just cook in a stovetop skillet and add.

Think salsa or succotash when you get inspired by these ingredients.

You can also blister shishitos and serve as an appetizer. We've got a great recipe from Delish for you here.

If you are avoiding the oven and craving lime, the food network has a recipe for that here!

However you enjoy your shishitos, we hope you enjoy the flavour they bring to your kitchen.


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