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Red Beets

Updated: Feb 7

The humble beet root can sometimes be daunting to approach. As my mom, a Registered Dietician, says, "the entire beet is fantabulous." It is a "multipurpose vegetable - the greens can go in soups, you can have it roasted, pickled, boiled, steamed, and eat them raw."

Beets are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (these are antioxidants!) Beets are a superfood!

Colleen's favourite and simplest way to incorporate them into a salad or steamed potato salad is to peel and boil them, enjoy once cooled. The boil brings out their sweetness. Another other option is to quick pickle your cooked beets with Apple Cider Vinegar and seasoning.

At home, we often oven-roast our beets and enjoy on the side with other veggies, rice, and yogurt. Here is a fantastic oven roasting recipe I found on Hearth & Vine.

Beets are of course a pickling staple. Pickling them with turnips will yield delicious middle-eastern pickles that go with shwarma and pair well with falafel. Here is a recipe!

Of course, beets also pickle well on their own, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. If you are willing to get your hands messy, it is worth it! This recipe from Fillmore Container Blog takes you through the steps and technique.

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