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Producer Profile: Boughneath Farm

On an ideal autumn afternoon, a small herd of Black Limousine, Angus, and Hereford cattle meander down a grassy hillside in North Saanich. Lynn Reimer, who farms the historic, longtime family-owned property with his son Duncan, knows them all individually, it seems. “You know them by their faces,” he says, pointing out the lead cow who is guiding the herd into a new pasture.

Boughneath Farm specializes in hormone- and antibiotic-free beef, farmed using sustainable methods, including pasture feeding when grass is available, and sourcing grain feed, barley, and oats from local farmers. “Everything we feed them is natural,” he says. “They could eat if off the field.” This kind of locally raised beef is hard to come by these days. Cattle farming is year-round work and requires a good amount of land and resources. It’s clear though, that Lynn loves this work, and we’re proud to share Boughneath Farm’s high-quality meat with FarmHub customers.


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