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Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Delicious, nutritious, and always locally available!

We currently have two delicious and nutritious choices for microgreens in the store, both of which are supplied by SunTrio Farm. There are organic sunflower microgreens and organic pea shoots in stock. The selection in the store is constantly updating, so check back regularly to see what is available!

We're grateful to the various suppliers of microgreens in the South Island! Here are a couple of examples:

SunTrio Farm is a 14-acre certified organic farm located in Central Saanich.

Perks Microgreens is an organic urban vertical farm located in Victoria, BC.

Microgreens are packed full of nutrients. These young plants contain essential vitamins and minerals that will help the plant grow. There are 4-40 times more nutrients in microgreens than in their fully matured counterparts. When choosing microgreens, it is said that the most colourful ones are the most nutritious.

When winter sets in and there is less sunlight for plants, farmers can still easily grow microgreens since they grow well in low-light conditions. They require very little added nutrients and minimal water to produce. This makes microgreens a sustainable winter crop for farmers to cultivate when they may not have as much fresh produce to offer!

Microgreens are grown from an enormous range of seeds! Just check out the diversity on Perks Microgreens’ website. From garlic chive to fenugreek to red cabbage, each variety offers unique flavours and the plants themselves are usually quite concentrated, as every seed has enough energy to grow into a full-size vegetable. It’s quite an experience tasting the flavour of broccoli in only a tiny leaf. No matter the variety, there’s always a space for microgreens on your plate!

Recipe Ideas

Usually seen as a garnish, microgreens aren’t typically the star of the show. However, because of their size and variety, they can make their way into almost any dish. Breakfast? Throw some in an omelette. Dessert? Lemon balm, sorrel, and basil microgreens make any fruit pie the freshest. We’ve created a list of ways to incorporate microgreens into your everyday meals for not only that extra dose of nutrients but to also trick your friends into thinking they’re at a Michelin-star restaurant.

  • Use them to replace cabbage or coleslaw on meals such as tacos, burritos, or even on a burger.

  • Throw them on top of pizza for a fresh and peppery note—I’m thinking radish microgreens for this one.

  • Statistically speaking, piling microgreens on a cracker with a spread will yield more results than trying to balance any other larger vegetable.

  • Elevate a fruit salad with some feta cheese and microgreens for colour and to balance the flavour ratio

  • What’s better than a Caprese salad? Some microgreens on top of a Caprese salad add some surface area to soak up more of the decadent balsamic dressing.

Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that a pile of microgreens isn’t a salad. Throw your favourite dressing on top! It’s a salad.

The list of recipes is endless because everything can be a microgreens dish if you try!


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