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Italian Dandelion

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Admittedly bitter is not a favourite for the North American pallet however this is an opportunity to embrace and maybe even enjoy it! The dandelion flavor goes well with either acid or sweetness.

We have Colleen's favourite way to enjoy dandelion to share with you, as well as Italian recipes for salad and braising, a perfect pairing for pasta, rice, and meats.

Colleen's suggestions are perfect for our August 25th Island Harvest Box: whichever flavour profile you prefer, sauté your dandelion with your beet tops in balsamic or sherry vinegar with honey or raisins (or use your favourite bottled vinaigrette or poppy seed dressing)

Once braised the iron rich greens become a great addition to a quinoa salad with chopped parsley and tomato (add pumpkin seeds for crunch). They are also great as a topper for steamed potatoes with feta parsley and tomato.

If you are looking for Italian braising recipe for your greens, check out this one from Italian Food Forever.

For salads from the alps and Piedmont, check out these ones from Parade.


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