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Onions at Vitality Farm

Diana of Vitality Farm (part of the Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative) shares a wonderful Onion story with us. Thank you Diana!

Red Sweet Cippolini's

Over the years we've learned the soil at Lohbrunner grows great onions. Vitality farm has turned to raising sweet red, white, and yellow Cippolini onions and Alisa Craig a very large sweet yellow onion.

Two years ago with the guidance of our local seed expert Mary Alice Johnston of Full Circle Seed, Vitality cured and saved 30 of these beauties through the winter. When they started to send out green sprouts in the spring and the soil was ready to receive them we re-planted them!

With the sun, water, our lush soil, our farmers and local pollinators we raised some seed of our own.

Beautiful balls of white flowers and later seed heads graced the tops of the long green stalks through the summer and fall. The bee's were always buzzing amongst them!

The dried round pods were then picked just at the right time, the seeds were removed, cleaned and stored through the winter.

And here we are in March, 2 years later with our own Vitality Farm cippollini and Alisa Craig seeds in our nursery. Because their growing season is so long they are the first seeds that we start indoors.

If all goes as planned come the end of July you can expect some VF sweet onions in your CSA box along with our favorite cippolini recipe or find us at the Goldstream and Metchosin Farmers markets under the colorful Lohbrunner Community Farm Banner. (Also available through the FarmHub store!)

In the meantime remember when purchasing onions the marvel and long term commitment by the farmer that went into getting these nutritious flavorful essentials to your creative meal preparations!

A Big Shout Out to the Onion,

by Diana, Vitality Farm

(Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative)

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