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Lost Turnip Crop

While we were at Northstar Organics, Alana also showed us the Turnip crop that... just didn't work.

here we see Alana pull up a turnip that is all stem and leaf and not really any turnip. We talk about what the approximate cost of a crop turning out like this is... while Alana doesn't know the specific number, it definitely isn't good.

Here we talked about lessons learned - were they seeded too close together? Unfortunately you can only find out through trial-and-error! Seeding requires lots of knowledge to get right, but it is super important.

Similar to the carrots, but much more so, a crop turning out like this is a lot of time and money lost. The leaves and stems of these turnips will be composted either in a pile or by being re-tilled into the field. This way, the nutrients are recovered and help the next crop grow. But unfortunately, a crop turning out like this is a big financial loss for a farmer.

In this picture Alana is holding up a turnip (but it’s so small it’s just a stringy root) - can you see it? Check out the video on our blog to catch our conversation. Just how much money was lost on this crop? That’s pretty hard to calculate.

When most consumers only see the food that does grow and makes it to market, we don’t see how some of the time, money, and labour of farming ends up being fruitless. Hopefully this post has shed a little light on the behind-the-scenes challenges and costs of farming.

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